The Filming of ‘The Batman’ Starring Robert Pattinson Halted Amid COVID-19 Pandemic! When is the Shooting Expected to Resume? Will the Delay in Shooting Cause Delay in Releasing? Read Further to Know Everything.

The Batman is the upcoming solo feature directed and written by Dawn of the Planet of the Apes filmmaker Matt Reeves.  The development has been slow on the project, but cameras are finally rolling on the film and here  we  have our first peek at Batman’s new look and his Batmobile. This is the character’s … Read more

The Movie Star Natalie Wood’s Death Continues to Remain a Mystery; HBO’s Latest Documentary ‘ Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind’ Covers it

Natalie Woods is now more known for her mysterious death, than for her acting career. The HBO documentary ‘Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind’ is a torchlight to her personal life. Wood’s daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, tries to bring out the mystery behind the death of her mother through this series. Gregson Wagner takes our attention … Read more

The Cheerful, Energetic and Tenacious ‘Naruto Uzumaki’ from ‘Naruto’ is Loved by Everyone – A Review

Naruto Uzumaki is the main character in the manga and anime series Naruto. Naruto is a very cheerful, hyperactive, simple-minded, and strong-willed young Shinobi.  He is from a beautiful village called Konoha. In the first part of the series, we can see a fun-loving Naruto, who often pulls pranks on his friends and villagers. As … Read more

‘Lelouch Lamperouge’ from ‘Code Geass’ Stands Out for his Brilliance – A Review

The title character Lelouch Lamperouge of the series Code Geass is very brilliant and smart. In other words, we can say that he is a genius. From his childhood itself, Lelouch has exhibited an extreme level of intelligence, which surprised others. Lelouch is born as the son of the Emperor of the nation of Britannia. … Read more

Great Pretender : The Netfix Anime to Release Exclusively in Japan for Now

Wit Studio, the official website for Great Pretender, the anime series has started to stream a promotional video for the series. According to this promo, the series will be premiered on Netflix,in Japan on June-2. Netflix has plans to stream the anime worldwide, but first streaming will be exclusively for Japan. The anime will have … Read more

Meghan Markle’s Home-made Banana Bread is Extremely Special for Prince Harry!

Meghan Markle is an expert in baking banana bread. While Prince Harry and Meghan were on their royal tour to Australia, she had baked delicious loaves of banana bread.  They had made this tour, when she was pregnant with Archie in October 2018. During their stay in Australia, the official residence of Australia’s Governor-General, in … Read more

‘Another Life’ Season 2 Expected to Get Delayed Due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Find Out all the Details Below.

Netflix is giving provision for a lot of entertainment to its viewers through its series and movies. ‘Another Life’ is a very famous science fiction drama TV-series offered by Netflix. The series is created by Aaron Martin, and the music is composed by Trevor Morris. The series was first aired on July 25, 2019. Till … Read more

The Entertainment Quotient is Going to Rise Manifolds as ‘The Stranded’ is Ready with Release of Season 2!

If you are in a mood to watch a dramatized fiction, then ‘The Stranded’ is certainly a great option for you. The series is one of the first Thai Netflix originals. ‘The Stranded’ or ‘Kwang,’ deals with a very interesting topic. The series is about 37 students from an elite school who gets trapped on … Read more

Lock the Date as Home Coming Season 2 will Premiere in May 2020. Read Further to Know all the Details.

If we are talking about the popular series of 2018, then ‘Homecoming’ by Julia Roberts, cannot be left unmentioned. The series is all about a traditional support center, which is life -in a facility made to aid the soldiers. The first season of the series had got ten episodes. It was a great thriller series, … Read more

Brace Up, Anime Lovers, a Netflix Series Based on Award Winning Novel ‘Japan Sinks 2020’ will Release This Year Globally.

Based on the disaster novel Japan Sinks 2020 by Sakyo Komatsu, director Masaaki Yuasa is coming up with a new anime series. Naoya Wada is a designer of the characters of this anime series, and Kensuke Ushio is doing the music composition of the anime. The declaration about this series was made on October 9, … Read more