Stephen King’s Short Story ‘The Boogeyman’ to get a Movie Adaptation

Hulu has brought rights to produce the film, The Boogeyman

Yet another brilliant story from Stephen King is getting the Hollywood treatment. 20th/ Hulu will adapt King’s short story The Boogeyman into a two-hour film.

The movie will be directed by Host director Rob Savage, and produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen will serve as producers under their production house 21 Laps. The original draft for the scrip has been written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who wrote A Quiet Place, and Akela Cooper (Malignant), with the final script being written by Mark Heyman (Black Swan). 21 Laps originally developed the movie for 20th Century Fox but it was brought later by Hulu.

The story

Stephen King
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The Boogeyman is undoubtedly one of the scariest works from the author. It had a man visiting a psychiatrist who spoke about his children being killed by a sadistic and terrifying presence. The children died under mysterious circumstances, later diagnosed as crib deaths and convulsions. The one similarity between all three deaths were that the kids yelled “Boogeyman” before they were left alone in their rooms.

The movie’s plot is about a teenage girl and her little brother being haunted by a sadistic presence in their house. They will need to alert their grieving father about this presence before its too late.

King’s published short stories

The Boogeyman
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Published in 1978, The Boogeyman was part of King’s The Night Shift collection of short stories. After King’s The Shining became a major bestseller, this collection of short stories were published as an anthology the next year. The Boogeyman will officially become the horror king’s tenth short story from the 20-story collection to be turned into a feature film or TV movie. The stories that were adapted so far are  Children of the Corn, Maximum Overdrive, The Mangler and Sometimes They Come Back.