Spawn Movie has Not Been Shelved, and is Very Much Going to Happen, Says Jason Blum

The project which had been announced in 2017 is still being development and is even making progress

Jason Blum of Blumhouse productions has provided updates on the new Spawn movie that’s currently under development and said that it’s been gaining momentum.

The movie is based on the comics by Todd McFarlane, and debuted in 1992 in Image Comics. Spawn first appeared on the big screen in 1997, and it starred Michael Jai White as the titular character Al Simmons, who later became Spawn. The movie was celebrated for having an African American actor in a solo superhero flick, but the story still seemed lackluster.

Updates on the new movie

Source: Gamecored

Blum shared that a lot has been taking place regarding the new movie and while he won’t be revealing anything now, fans can expect news to come soon enough. He also revealed his excitement for making the movie. As a fan of the character, it’s good to see the makers displaying such excitement over him.

Creator McFarlane had two conditions for the reboot. One was that this movie needed to have an R rating, as the first movie was made into PG-13, which is kind of cruel to a character known for his violent streaks, similar to Wolverine and Deadpool. The second condition was to put him in the director’s chair.

The timing for this movie seems perfect as superhero movies have become dear to the viewers thanks to the MCU, and it’s also time for everyone to see a darker version of their favourite characters, thanks to the success of the Joker. 

By having the character creator become the director, we will be able to enjoy the movie in all its bloody and violent glory.