Don’t blame Netflix for Censoring ‘Back to The Future 2,’ it was Universal’s Idea

Movie writer Bob Gale entered the scene and requested viewers not to blame Netflix for the censoring

Recently, when Back to the Future Part II started streaming on Netflix, it invited a lot of controversy for its censorship, and Netflix was criticised for it. The movie’s writer Bob Gale came to Netflix’s rescue and revealed that the censorship was done by Universal.

The Censored Parts

One of the parts where censorship was shown was when Marty discovers a French Lingerie magazine called Oh La La inside the sports almanac dustcover. The scene is reduced a bit in the censored version and the cover of the magazine wasn’t shown. The almanac has significant importance in the plot, so cutting out two lines that are pivotal to the movie caused a problem.

Source: Screen Rant

Gale revealed that this was the distributor’s problems and they were the ones who gave the censored version to Netflix. Neither of the writers knew about such a cut until it came on Netflix. Gale further revealed that Netflix doesn’t follow the practice of editing out any parts of a movie and displays it as it is. Also, the cut was from some other country who had issues with the magazine cover. Gale later requested Universal to destroy that version of the movie.

The edits caused much surprise as Netflix is known for making shows which have graphic and sexual content. If it was for the purpose of making the movie more family friendly, it could still be excused, but removing a part that was pivotal for the movie will be causing disservice to the fans who are watching the movie for the first time.

The Censored versions have hence been removed and all three original versions of the movies are currently streaming on Netflix.