Simpsons dress up for Halloween in Disney+ commercial; ‘The Simpsons’ Family Have Found Their New Home

Past many days there was news about Simpson moving to a new platform, which was recently confirmed by the Disney+ tv commercial in which Simpson family is seen in various Disney characters. By which it is pretty clear that they found their new home at Disney+.

Disney+ is an upcoming subscription streaming service and will launch in November. They are coming with all the popular shows on their service. That will be going to be a threat to other subscriptions service because of their low price offering. The Disney+ is available at $6.99/ month and $69.99 for a yearly subscription.

Coming of Disney+ at such low price would be a greater hitch for Netflix as it continues losing its subscribers in recent times. But the biggest advantage Netflix has various genres titles from different studios, there are many Netflix shows which can be acquired by DIsney+. But Netflix may get relief as Disney+ has titles from only Pixar, Fox and it’s own Disney channel.

The new Simpson commercial was caught by one of the twitter user ThatGuy3002 which can be watched below:

From November The Simpsons fans have to take the Disney+ subscription to watch their favorite family. However, only after its launch users will be able to know if the newest service is worth the subscription or not.