31-year-old Granddaughter surprises her 87-year-old Baseball loving Grandfather by giving him the World Series Tickets in Texas

A granddaughter Courtney King, 31, surprised her grandfather Jack King, 87 as she took him for the world series of baseball in Texas.

As we all know, it is tough to buy tickets for world series, and even, she didn’t have that much money to buy it, but she decided, and she gets. The dedication and willingness to take her grandfather in the world series was commendable.

And, it has been said truthfully that when you actually want something from your heart, and you work hard to get that, god opens different ways which will lead you a step ahead towards your destination; what exactly happened to Courtney.

How Courtney won the tickets?

She won the tickets this Wednesday morning from the game which she played on Facebook as Texas was running content on Facebook, i.e. Summer Abbey’s Flooring Center in Port Neches.

Basically, in this content, she had to like the page, tag new friends, and write why she deserves the tickets.

What did she write in her story?

She wrote that I would be happier if I would win the world series tickets as I want to gift it to my grandpa. He is having his 88th birthday anniversary next month, and I don’t think he’ll be happier with anything else than Baseball world series tickets. It would be exceptional to share this moment with him.

She added I hadn’t seen anyone else like him as he is die-hard Astros fan watches the baseball games on T.V. with his wife of more than 50 years now.

She advised in her interview that, I work in hospice, and I meet vulnerable people every day. So, I understood the importance of providing joy to the family. Life is short, and you don’t know what can happen in the next minute. You don’t miss a single chance to give a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Just enjoy the moment with the people around you.