Scorpion: Has the Action Drama Shut its Shop or Yet to Return with Season 5? Find Out Below.

Has the show featuring geeks and misfits stopped airing for good?

CBS’s Scorpion is an action drama that has been created by Nick Santora. The show is loosely based on the life of an executive producer on the show, Walter O’Brien, and is about O’Brien and his friends trying to save lives by solving some major problems. Not everyone might not have heard of Walter O’Brien but he had made a lot of controversy in the past, with his genius level IQ of 197 and being able to hack NASA’s mainframe at a young age. But many have stepped up saying these claims were false and there’s no valid proof about it.

The show’s history

Scorpion started airing on September 2014, and season 1 wasn’t a major success with the critics or viewers. But CBS still renewed it for a second season and it aired on September 2015. Season two received better reviews, and that resulted in season 3 airing on October 2016, followed by season 4 on September 2017. It had collected a fan base by then but CBS announced that they had cancelled the show.

Credit: CBS

The reason for cancelling the show was although it had a good average viewership of 13.63 million, it went on declining and when season 4 released, the viewership had dwindled down to 8.38 million viewers. The storyline was getting better but it still fared poorly when it came to views and became one of the least watched shows on CBS at that time.

This resulted in CBS pulling the plug on the show and will not be making any further seasons. Some fans have been petitioning for the show to be renewed, but it can only happen if some other network picks it up.