The Highly Acclaimed Actress Angelina Jolie is a Doting Mother to her Kids

Angelina Jolie, aged 45 is an American origin filmmaker, globally renowned actress, and humanitarian. The actress is known for her multiple marriages, the most talked one was with a co-star, Brad Pitt. Despite that, there are records of her goodwill that includes her adoption of 3 kids from various demographics. Named as the highest-paid actress of Hollywood several times, she knows how to distribute that wealth judiciously. She has 3 biological and non-biological children each and has taken care of them equally.

An insight into her married life

It is well said that empty pockets and broken hearts are the biggest lessons to an individual. Jolie had moved in with her boyfriend at the age f 14. After facing differences in her life due to that relationship, she decided to invest time in acting. At a young age. Her married lives have been short and filled with turmoil with all her three husbands. Jolie was first married to Lee Miller in 1995, the marriage did not last long and ended in 1999. Only a year after that did she marry once again in 2000, this time Billy Bob Thornton with a 3-year long journey together, they divorced in 2003. Her life took a turn when she married her co-star in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith the following year and the two seemed to have synced well with each other. It was because of Angelina that Pitt left his then-wife Jennifer Aniston who got divorced.

The couple remained in the limelight for their pair. Jolie has 3 biological children and had adopted 3 other for multiple reasons, her intent seemed pure in doing the same and is respected in the industry for that. Not many years into her marriage with Pitt did she have to separate from him and move out she took the custody of all her children who willingly wanted to stay with her. There were reports of Pitt indulging in a physical fight with one of his sons in the presence of Jolie. Find out who is Jolie’s favorite child.