Ronda Rousey Expresses her Condolences and Support for Hana Kimura’s Untimely Death

The entire wrestling community and fans of the professional wrestler and actor and mourning her loss

The world got to know the cause for Hana Kimura’s death on Friday and it left everyone shocked. The 22-year-old wrestler, who was under contract with Stardom Wrestling and had also made an appearance on Netflix’s Terrace House committed suicide by intaking hydrogen sulphide. Fellow wrestler Ronda Rousey shared a touching post on her official Instagram page following this news on Friday.

Growing concerns for cyber bullying

The wrestler spoke about how saddened she was to hear about Kimura’s passing and also addressed everyone dealing with mental health problems to reach out to someone who can help them by giving out a hotline number. She addressed how big of a threat cyber bullying has become and falling victim to it isn’t a sign of weakness, but human.

She spoke about how we as humans have grown to depend a lot on social acceptance and that anyone who doesn’t accept you and simply hurl insults at you without ever trying to lift you up are ones that are dealing with their own problems.

As a celebrity, one has to get used to internet trolls and to never let their words trample down your spirit.



Kimura lived for wrestling, having been born to parents who were both former Japanese wrestlers, Kyoko Kimura and Isao Kobayashi.

After her death, fans started translating her posts which were written in Japanese and it was clear that the wrestler had been hurting over some actions. She spoke about how she wanted love in her life but she was only weak and dead. In her last tweet she spoke that she no longer wanted to be a human. She didn’t get a life of love as she desired.

This is cue enough to let everyone know the evils of cyber bullying and to not tolerate such trolls any longer.