Amid the Pandemic, Betty White is Still Happy, Healthy and Enjoying the Lockdown Period. Read further to know more about her.

Unlike many people who are being all sad due to this lockdown Betty White is doing pretty well in this lockdown. Betty White is the star from “Golden Girls”, due to age her fans are always concerned about health. Fortunately White is in good health and doing very well in this lockdown. As in March when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson came out as positive for the virus, fans got more worried about how other actors of same age group are doing.

Recently Betty White’s representative told “” that she is doing very well as she is already kept with very good care

She is 98 years old right now and no one from the outside is allowed inside. Only people who already has interaction with her have permission to meet her. She also has helpers for herself who are doing a great job. The helpers also keep a regular check on White several times a day. Besides all this, she is also doing well emotionally, she laughs and talks which is a good sign for her health.


White also gave a statement to “closer weekly” last week telling she is blessed with such good health. She also appreciated the concern of her fans for her. Soon after her friend Tom Sullivan also shared that she likes reading “Los Angeles Times”. She also collects thousands of puzzles which keep her mentally active.

With all these activities White has also started using zoom to play scrabble with her friends. She also enjoys food like hot dogs, French fries and vodka martinis. Betty also likes to cook grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. She has also advised all her fans and family to enjoy this time with their family, pets and friends. According to her this pandemic is way of Mother Nature to tell us to slow down a bit.