Twilight: Robert Pattinson Shares his Views on Starring in Another Twilight Movie after Stephanie Meyer’s Latest Book Reveal of the Famous Franchise

Reports started coming in for ‘Midnight Sun,’ a re-telling of the ‘Twilight’ from Edward Cullen’s view, and if the actor will reprise the role

Stephanie Meyer’s new edition to the Twilight franchise will be releasing this August. If this gets made into a movie as well, let’s hear Robert Pattinson’s views on whether he will be making a comeback to the role or not.

An apt response from the actor 

A close source of the actor’s shared to HollywoodLife that the actor is indeed very proud of his association to the franchise, as it has provided him with many personal memories and gave him the proper career boost. The source also revealed that Pattinson had not received an advanced copy of the new book to understand what other new roads the book will be taking besides being recited from Edward’s point of view.

The source went on to say that the actor would love to do something associated with the movie, but he did not let go of his rationality and said that he is too old to play the role if he is ever offered it again. But he will leave that decision for when it happens.

Credit: Temple Hill Entertainment

Stephanie Meyer’s news was received with a lot of excitement, and we got to see that even after 12 years of the last book’s release(Breaking Dawn came out in 2008), the franchise still has many loyal fans.

Also, the idea of having the story said from Edward’s perspective was something new for everyone. We got to know the whole story from a human’s view until now. It can be completely different when it’s seen through the eyes of a vampire. Also, Meyer believes that there’s a lot left from Edward’s life that is yet to be explored.

What comes as a bit of a shocker is that Midnight Sun was to be released in 2008, but the author didn’t go beyond releasing a rough draft of it on her website.