The Ravishing Songstress, ‘Adele’ Just Underwent an Incredible Transformation Which is Bound to Leave You Surprised and Inspired

Adele’s transformation is the talk of the entertainment industry, and an aesthetic expert explains how she did it. 

Dr. Chike, the Medical Director of Hampstead Aesthetics and Dr. Chike, explained how the “Set Fire to the Rain,” hitmaker was able to look like a completely different person after her weight loss.

Dr. Chike revealed that Adele had used the seven stone weight loss technique, which has dramatically changed her face and has allowed her features to look more prominent. She explained how the loss of fat and volume in the singer’s face has resulted in her eye looking more prominent and deepened her nasal labial folds, which has made her bone structure look sharper and more angular.

Adele’s diet

The British singer, who recently turned 32, is rumored to have lost a crazy seven stone or 100lbs in recent months by following a calorie-controlled diet of ‘green juice and 1000 calories-a-day’.

Nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters, the author of The DNA Diet, has said that she believes Adele’s more chiseled appearance accompanied by a healthy glow can be thanks to a nutrient-dense diet which is packed with antioxidants, which are high in anti-inflammatory foods.

Dr. Chike stated that while most people assume that losing weight will make one more beautiful, they tend to overlook the fact that it can often result in loose skin and will make you look older.

She continued that since Adele is still young, her cheekbones and are still well maintained and haven’t lost collagen or supporting structure in her face. When you lose weight, the quality of your skin will also change as it loses volume and fat that are stored inside. Your eyes will become more prominent once you lose weight, which can be seen very clearly in the singer’s case.