Robert Indiana spend his last days in a broken house: His bank balance showed $13 million.

The house of the infamous pop artist, Robert Indiana was falling into bits with the disrepairs before his death, even when the artist had $13 million in his bank.

Robert Indiana, named initially as Robert Clark, was a renounced American pop artist. The most famous work of his, the ‘LOVE’ print, made for the Christmas card of Museum of Modern Art in the year 1965 led him to create the Love Sculpture 1970. In 1973, a ‘LOVE’ stamp was distributed by the United States Postal Service. The pop artist passed away on the 19th of May, 2018, at the age of 89 at Vinalhaven Island.

As per the court documents, his house had pigeons building their houses on the roof, books damaged by water, rotten woods, and the stench of cat urine. Jamie Thomas, the caretaker of Robert’s Vinalhaven home, is charged by the files as “improperly lining his pockets.” During his living days, Thomas is reported to have claimed more than 100 works of Indiana in the name of “gifts.” He left the pop artist live in “squalor and filth.” The documents further show that Thomas has been highly irresponsible with his commitments to Indiana.

The court charged the caregiver with the charges of violating his duties and stated the following: “By the time of Indiana’s death, the home where Indiana lived to the end of his days with millions of dollars of artwork was littered with animal feces and urine.”
The documentations further reveals that more than 1,000 hours of cleanup was done at Indiana’s house. 8.6 tons of waterlogged and ruined paper was disposed of. All these finally let the apartment be in its proper terms. Thomas’s lawsuit demanded an amount of $2 million as legal fees. In response to this, the court issued the above documents. The company that holds the copyright for Robert’s artwork ‘LOVE’ legally noticed the estate and Thomas. No response or comment was received from Thomas’s end.