‘I am Patrick Swayze’: A documentary reveling some of his unknown stories.

Lisa Niemi Swayze, the widow of the late American star, Patrick Swayze speaks about the kind of relationship that the late actor and his mother shared, almost after ten years of Swayze’s death.

Patrick Wayne Swayze was an American dancer, actor, singer, and songwriter. Portraying the character of tough guys and the male lead who expertise in the field of romance, he was soon given the status of a sex symbol. In 1991, Swayze was declared as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by the People magazine. Some of his notable films include Dirty Dancing (1987), Ghost (1990), etc.. In 2008 Patrick was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Though by the mid of the same year, the actor seemed pretty well and responded to the treatments quite pleasantly, he passed away on the 14th of September, 2009. His habit of smoking continued even after his disease was brought to the front. Photographs of his showed the actor smoking even a few months before his death.

Paramount Network recently declared the launch of a documentary as a tribute to Patrick, by the name of ‘I Am Patrick Swayze.’ This documentary will revolve around the late actor’s life unheard stories gathered from his friends and dear ones. While speaking about his late husband and his mother, Lisa explained how an abusive family results in an abusive nature amongst its members. Lisa and Patrick came across each other at the latter’s dance studio. The two of them got married in 1975 and stayed beside each other till Patrick’s last breath. Patsy Swayze, Patrick’s mother, was a violent and impulsive lady. Her behavior rooted back to her childhood. Patsy herself went through much violence during her early days. While bringing up Patrick, she behaved with him in the manner. On the actor’s 18th birthday, as Lisa recalled listening from her husband, Patsy was “laying into him.” His father then kept the deal that he would divorce Patsy if she even touched Patrick again. That was the last day Patrick was beaten. Later in life, Patsy and her son came onto better terms.

Patsy Swayze passed away in the year 2013, on the 16th of September.