Rob Kardashian is getting MAJOR attention after his weight loss: Evelyn Lozada is at the top among those!

Rob has finally made a return to the spotlight after a long hiatus

Rob Kardashian used to be quite overweight and we could understand why he had been camera-shy. But we finally got to see his photo during sister Khloé Kardashian’s birthday, and he seems to have made quite a lot of progress. So it’s not really surprising to see TV personality Evelyn Lozada flirting on the comments section.

Evelyn’s Comments

Rob earned a lot of appreciation for his weight loss when the pictures emerged. Everyone noticed that he stopped appearing in group pictures for a long time due to his weight gain. Rob had also been staying away from the spotlight after all the drama caused between him and ex-wife Blac Chyna.

Along with all the comments came the Basketball Wives star’s comment as well, who said “Well hellur, Rob. LOL” and added an eyes emoji among others. Even Khloé reacted to that with some smiley faces.

People started speculating that the two might be a good match, and they’re both single at the moment. The age gap between them was acknowledged, but everyone is suddenly going the whole “age is just a number” path. Evelyn is 44 and Rob is 33.

Evelyn, however, did talk about the limit she allows. She said that she has no trouble dating someone Rob’s age and that she draws her line at anyone younger than 27 years. Her daughter is 27 and she doesn’t want to go beyond that.

In an interview with Nick Cannon, Evelyn said that she doesn’t want her daughter to think what she was doing with a man who was younger than her.

Looks like we will have to wait and see which path they take.

(Cover: The Mirror)