YouTube star Shane Dawson might loose a million subscribers! Check out for all details.

Celebrities do get a lot of fame, but it comes along with the fear of falling down and losing everything. Same is the circumstances now with Shane Dawson. He has gone through a tragic fall this week.

Dawson earned the title of ‘The King of YouTube’ and has been known with this name over the last few years. He used to make documentary series length videos of unique content. And Dawson has gained a lot of success in the past few years. But what exactly happened now? Why is he continuously losing his subscribers? Keep reading to know the full story.

Dawson has worked really hard to make his image likeable. However, there are a number of people who will never be able to forget Dawson’s history. He compiled videos of blackface, pedophilia jokes, and other controversial behavior. They feel that this could happen once again. And this threat has resulted in taking down this carefully crafted identity.

Now, according to “Karmageddon’s” Perspective, Dawson have ultimately crossed a line frome where he will never be able to return.

The way ‘Karmageddon’ started actually seemed like it’s lighting  the match that sparked Dawson’s own canceling. This was at the when he used to post lengthy statements regarding the beauty community of YouTube.

It was less than two weeks before he slammed “dramatic gurus” and said that James Charles “needs a serving of slice of a humble pie. This was the time when his number of subscribers decreased more than three million. The statistics is of last year and this year also the results are somewhat similar. Thus, Dawson has gone through huge loss. And this has been really upsetting for him.