‘Promised Neverland’ to Return with Season 2, but the Pandemic has Hampered the Schedule. Check Complete Details Below.

The Promised Neverland is a famous anime series that has had 1st season only till now, which ran quite successfully and now the fans are waiting for the second season to launch. However, the official sources confirm that till now we have no idea as to when season 2 will be launching. It is expected that the season will launch in  2020 in Japan. 

Due to the pandemic crisis all over the world, everything has been put on hold and will start to get back once this ends. Right now all we know is that the season was in production, but now has been off. As of now, there is no official date but we can expect it somewhere in October 2020, if the situation improves and their production work gets completed. or later in January 2021. 

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Everyone is expecting a lot from this season, as this is a type of series with one of the best stories. The fans are getting mad and cannot wait for their favorite season to release on screen again. 

Since the plot of season 1 and the whole story of the series revolves around the orphans, who get all the special treatments and food and everything until they realize they are here not for luxuries, but so that later they can be sold as meat to the animals and other higher species.

 Season 1 did leave everyone in a shock and now everyone is expecting season 2 to unfold the mysteries and what the future will hold for these orphans. This season reportedly aims at being bigger and better, and is going to be exciting and will be full of all types of mysteries, horror, and what not. 

Stay tuned for new information.