One of the Longest Running Series ‘Doctor Who’ to Return with Season 13? Find Out Below

Doctor Who, which is a famous series running from years now, will be coming back with season 13. However, this drama genre series,  has a total of 12  seasons of which the season 13 will be launched soon. Talking about the plot of the series, it is a science fiction series that revolves around the doctors and one traveling scientist. 

Fans are excited about when the 13th series will be launching, but till now no confirmation has been made from the official sources as of now. 

We can mostly assume that it is being delayed because of Coronavirus,  and after it ends then only it’ll be launched. The filming for the season hasn’t been completed yet and was left due to the sudden outbreak, however, the director confirms that not sure but we will release it somewhere next year only.

Even though they are working from homes to complete their scripts and other work, but still it won’t be beneficial until they do it all together. The official sources confirmed that a new surprise or we can say a festive surprise will be coming this time,  which will include all the doctors and her friends, either in late 2020 or early months of  2021. 

Credit: BBC

Coming to the cast of this season, it’ll be the same and it has been confirmed that Jodie Whittaker will be back for the next series and also will be seen with Chris Chibnall for an entirely new type of adventure. 

There’ll be new companions that’ll travel with the doctor, and also this season we can expect some guest appearances. 

So far we know that this time the series will be more exciting and worth the wait. All the producers and actors request the fans to remain updated and till then they can watch the previous season altogether if they love the series so much.