ACE OF DIAMOND: Is the anime finished? Find out the future of Season 4

Japanese manga turned anime, Ace of Diamond is a popular anime produced by the Madhouse Studio. Recently, the third season of Diamond No Ace had finished airing, and fans are really excited and eager to see next season.

ACE NO DIAMOND revolves around the male protagonist also called SHONEN in Japanese. Yuji Terajima is the writer of the baseball game-based manga and it is published by Kodansha. The 6th of October 2013 marked the debut of the spectacular series. The male protagonist of the series is Eijun Sawamura.

The series is simultaneously broadcasted by Crunchyroll in Australia, Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Brazil and many other countries with English subtitles along with German subtitles.

The series kicked off with initial 52 episodes which of course was expanded later on. Since, after the third episode aired, fans are eager and worried for the fourth season as the 4th season might get canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There has been no update about the production of season 4. The third season of Diamond No Ace was aired after a huge gap of 5 years. Let’s hope this time the gap will be small. The earliest fans would be able to see the 4th season is by the end of 2021, and people would not like to read the upper limit because it might be more than five years.

If we talk about the plot of season 4, Eijun Sawamura, a talented player of baseball whose pitching style was impossible to defend, gets an invitation in Tokyo’s Seidou Secondary School. This school is one of the best and most prestigious schools in Tokyo. He aims to become the Ace bottle but there, he finds a competitor named Satoru Furuya.

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