Sherlock Holmes season 5: Sneak into the personal life of the cast.

Over two years have passed since we saw the last season of Sherlock. But there are still rumors that creators of the series have something else in store for the fans.

So, will there ever be a season 5 of this popular show which is clearly too busy to reprise the old roll now? And what Sherlock actors been up to since the series was put on hold? Let’s find some answers to this question.

Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson

What be Sherlock Holmes without the only friend who could tolerate his whims? Freeman was brilliant in this role, and he even received the Bafta award and The Prime Time Emmy Award.

Actor’s personal Life doesn’t seem to be as busy as his job. Ever since Martin Freeman separated with Amanda Abbington, his girlfriend of 16 years and partner on Sherlock, he hasn’t been seen dating other women.

Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson

Freeman’s on-screen wife and former off-screen girlfriend shared quite a lot about their split in an interview. The actress still doesn’t mind coming back to the series. The actress said that the first week was the hardest. It felt weird not having her partner around, but she also had kids who needed her.

Abington comments,” If I had to describe myself now, I’d say I am happier wider, more energetic, more open, more confident, and less frightened of Life.”

Rupert Graves as D.I Greg Lestrade

The actor behind the slow-witted but loyal detective inspector from Sherlock became pretty famous long before landing the role. It’s no wonder that he continued appearing on big and small screens after the fourth season. He was a guest-starred in an episode of Doctor Who, and he was also starring in A British TV drama film Turks. Grace is married to Australian-born production coordinator Suzanne Lewis, and they have five children together.

Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty

The role of Sherlock Holmes nemesis, brought worldwide fame to this actor, although he’s been in quite a few roles before the series. Scott’s portrayal of Moriarty was so awesome that now, we can’t imagine anyone else in this role.

Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper

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The specialist registrar who had a crush on Sherlock has been keeping herself busy as ever.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

While being a family man and a great dad at home, this guy is still the busiest of all Sherlock cast members. If we talk about his principle in Life, he is a feminist and ensures that his female co-stars get equal payments.