The Successful Science Fiction ‘Star Trek’ Coming With Season 3. However, the Release got Delayed due to Pandemic. Find Out all the Details Below.

Star Trek is a famous science fiction American series, who gained a lot of popularity because of the famous cast who portrayed that it was cool to be smart, it was released years ago in 1966. It is available to watch by having a subscription on Netflix. Star Trek has a huge fan base all over the world, especially after it ran two successful seasons, with which the second season got over in April 2019 with a huge success under its name, since then fans await season 3 to launch.

It has now been officially confirmed as well. Season 3 will launch, but however, the show stoppers revealed that they were ready to launch it, but because of the pandemic all over the world, the cast could not complete the shooting in its final leg. It can be expected to come around as soon as this world issue resolves.  

So, now as the team is working from home, so no clear information can be given right now as to when will the season exactly launch. It is tough for every star to work together following social distancing. But still, till now, few episodes are left to shoot, which is a problem for the show right now.

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Talking about the cast of the season 3, sources report that many new faces will be seen in this season and many will be gone, so it will be a very exciting season to watch, for more details regarding the cast, it’s better if we remain shut and don’t let our excitement go down. 

All for now from the cast we can except is new surprises coming this time while hoping for an early release for season 3.