Peter Pan: Jude Law might play the role of Captain Hook in the Live Action Disney Adaptation! Check out for more updates.

Going from head wizard to lead pirate

Jude Law is currently in talks to play the classic villain Captain Hook in Disney’s live adaptation of Peter Pan, titled Peter & Wendy.

As per the sources from Variety, the movie’s director David Lowery is planning to bring in Law to lead the crew aboard the Jolly Roger and prowl the seas of Neverland.

Disney Live Action Remakes

Law will be the fourth actor in the list of actors who had played the notorious pirate, starting from Dustin Hoffman in 1991’s Hook, Jason Isaacs in 2003’s Peter Pan, and Garrett Hedlund in 2015’s Pan. Disney has apparently decided to make this a movie instead of making it a Disney+ series like last year’s Lady and the Tramp.

If he joins, Law will be facing off against young actors Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson who had already been roped in to play the characters of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling respectively. This will be Molony’s big debut as the leader of the Lost Boys. For those who are not familiar with Ever Anderson, she’s the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and had already appeared in her mother’s movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2016 and will be portraying a young Natasha Romanoff in Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow movie.

Peter & Wendy is going to be directed by David Lowery and produced by Jim Whitaker. Lowery is also writing the movie’s script along with Toby Halbrooks. The duo had previously worked on Disney’s Pete’s Dragon remake in 2016. The movie did well in the box office and audiences and critics loved it, so Disney has faith in Lowery and Halbrooks to deliver yet another fan favourite movie.