McDonald’s Sweden Makes a Kind Gesture by Allowing Kids to Send Happy Meals to their Grandparents During Coronavirus pandemic! Check it out.

Living up to the Happy Meal brand

You can make as many “Broken ice cream machine”, or “Burger King is better” jokes as you want, but after this new wholesome gesture from McDonald’s, everyone here is a fan. Swedish McDonald’s restaurants have deviced a new way for grandchildren to share a meal with their grandparents during this period of social distancing.

It starts with an ad

Source: Muse by Clio

McDonald’s Sweden has released a new ad to show their new strategy which showed how grandparents had always been surprising their grandkids by brining Happy Meals since 1986, but the due to the coronavirus pandemic which led to people self isolating and maintaining social distances from each other, children could no longer spend time with their elderly relatives. This led to the marketing team making the Happy Meal concept a surprise for the seniors.

In the ad, we see a small Happy Meal box-shaped building outside the main restaurant that has been stocked with hand sanitizers and art created by the kids. The children can go to the building and draw what they life for their grandparents, order a Happy Meal for them and instead of the toy that usually comes with the Happy Meal, have the artwork put inside so that the grandparents get their personalized artwork.

The kids only need to go in, give their drawings to the employees the food order and address, and McDonald’s will be sending it over to their grandparents with meals from the Golden Arches with no extra charges.

“Thanks to our little ones, we showed that Happy Meal still lives up to its name. No matter the age,” ends the ad. We are unclear at this point if this service will be extending to other countries.


(Cover: Newsweek)