Ouch!! Lauri Peterson’s son gets a few cuts along his face and chest as he gets into an un-wanted brawl with inmate!

“RHOC” star Lauri Peterson’s son has been living a troubled life so far. But now the trouble has been increased after he got into an insane jailhouse ambush and suffered a few slashes in the face and on the chest.

The brutal fight took place in the Orange County jail located in Santa Ana when Josh Waring, Lauri Peterson’s son, was going back to his allotted cell. But he never reached his cell the way he started towards it. Just as Josh Waring was walking, another inmate jumped in front of him, wielding razors that were hidden wrapped in towels.

Image: TMZ

The surveillance video of the Orange County Jail showed the attacker initially hid under a staircase and was waiting for Josh Waring from his position. Just as Josh Waring walked in the direction in his sandals and pajamas, in a split second, he was fighting for his dear life.

Suddenly, fists were being thrown at one another, and Josh Waring tries his best to defend himself from the attack of razors. But he could only put up only for a while and ended up getting a few headshots and deep gashes to his face and chest.

The fight lasted for about 90 seconds before the security guards have rushed in and ordered both the men caught up in the brawl to get on the ground.

Joel Garson, Josh Waring’s attorney, told the TMZ that this client was returning to his cell after making a phone call in the protective custody unit of the Orange County Jail. According to Joel Garson, there is a protocol that when a person is on the call, all the other inmates have to be locked in their respective cells.

Joel Garson is claiming that he will not be surprised if the attacker was given permission to stay out of his cell while Josh Waring made the phone call.