BLACKPINK’s Jennie was making rounds around all the famous Halloween parties! Check in to know the details!

Halloween just ended but the photos that are circulating on social media are keeping the interest alive. Many Celebrities threw parties and invited others to show their creative self through the funky and fearful dressing.

BLACKPINK's Jennie was making rounds around all the famous Halloween parties! Check in to know the details! 3

Now, Jennie Kim was in the U.S. and naturally, she was invited to popular parties. Thus she was spotted at Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande’s Halloween parties.

Some surfaced videos have made fans assert that the South Korean rapper is present in the background. Fans sure have a keen eye for their favorites that they could recognize them in a crowd like a pin in a haystack.

Jennie at Kendall Jenner’s Party

Kendall Jenner threw a magnificent birthday cum Halloween party on a special occasion. There, Jennie was spotted in an Instagram story. 

The singer was sitting as spotted in Jaden Smith’s dancing video. The actor was dressed as Tyler, the Creator. And he was swaying to a piece of peppy music in the background.

Then came Jennie who was sitting at his right side a few seats away. The dark let lightning could not allow much visibility. But we know she dressed as Alice in Wonderland. Also, it was the first time she was seen in blonde hair. Surely, this left her fans amused. She was chilling while drinking a beverage which was unclear due to dark.

Jennie At Ariana Grande’s Party

Secondly, she appeared in Ariana Grande’s Halloween party. There also she is spotted on the camera. In fact, Alexa Laurie updated her story with her.

Apparently, Alexa was dressed as Rapunzel with her long hair falling into a thick braid. Though our own ‘Alice’ did not allow so. Instead, she hung the thick braid around her neck. But she did not forget to have fun as she swung the braid around in the video. She smiled a sexy smile and went into her trance of dancing.

This is not all!

Evidently, she has attended many stars studded parties. This includes Rihanna’s party as well as Willow Smith’s birthday party. 

Though, unfortunately, she herself has not posted a single picture from any party till now. Clearly, she has befriended many A-listed Celebrities.

A brief about Jennie if you don’t know her:

Jennie is a singer and rapper for the South Korean band BLACKPINK under YG entertainment. She joined the group in August 2016. The singer was introduced by YG entertainment early in 2012. 

The vocalist then went on to become the most searched topic on the internet. Still, she was in training to lead and be a group player for a band. Finally, in 2016 they announced the group with Jennie as an important member.

The singer is an extraordinary rapper that contends her girlish image. So it is to be said that the 23-year-old has a lot of opportunities in front of her. She has a talent for singing that will popularize her further.