Granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Saoirse Kennedy Hill dead due to medication over dose! Tragic loss for the family!

Granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Saoirse Kennedy Hill has died because of an accidental overdose that has resulted in a toxic mixture of alcohol, methadone and various other prescribed drugs as stated by her newly issued death certificate.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill was born to Courtney Kennedy Hill and has passed away at the Kennedy family’s compound in Hyannis Port situated in Massachusetts on 1st August this year. As soon as Saorise was found unresponsive emergency responders were called to the family’s compound the same afternoon and Saoirse Kennedy Hill was soon admitted to Cape Cod Hospital located in Hyannis and around 3: 14pm, she was pronounced dead by the doctors and so states her death certificate.

Image: Ici

With the death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill, she was added to the litany of tragedies that have been around the Kennedy family for generations, that have initially started with the assassination of her grandfather and her great uncle and President, John F. Kennedy.

The death certificate of Saoirse Kennedy Hill stated that her death was a result of mixing methadone with alcohol, a form of medication that is often used to treat the opioid use disorder; nordiazepam and diazepam, which were known to have sedative effects; and norfluoxetine and fluoxetine, that are well-known for treating depression.

The death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill was ruled as an accident and a member of the staff from the town clerk’s office in Barnstable, Massachusetts read the death certificate over a phone call.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill’s father, Paul Michael Hill was a member of the Guildford Four who were falsely accused of the involvement in the Irish Republican Army bombings. Paul Michael Hill was put behind the jail for 15 years before his conviction overturned.