Log Horizon Season 3: will the japanese anime series be back for a third season? Read all details here including release date, cast, plot and more updates.

Japan is one of the central makers of anime web series across the globe. One of their productive anime series is Log Horizon.Log horizon has itself established as one of the prime and fan-favorite anime series.

The most foreseen MMORPG anime “Log horizon” finally revived for season 3. An enormous number of us are constrained to stay at home, and glutting on our favored animes.


It seems, by all accounts, anime log horizon is finally going to be coming back with its new season by this year. Additionally, the aficionados of the anime are about waiting for what season 3 unfolds for the legend “Shiro”.

Cast people from the last season like Mike Yager (Shiroe), Joji Nakata (Nyanta), and Emiri Kato (Akatsuki), nearby other noteworthy cast people will repeat their roles in the anime series.

Log Horizon first debuted on October 5, 2013, on HK Educational TV. It went until March 22, 2014, and it consists of 25 episodes.


Season 2 of Log Horizon appeared on October 4, 2014. Season 2 drove till March 28, 2015, and had 25 episodes on it.

The season turns around an understudy Shiroe. He gets trapped in the game world with other 30,000 players while endeavoring to present the advancement pack of an RPG game, Elder Tales. As he isn’t satisfactory at partner with others, he endeavors to get by in the new world by forming a relationship with various players named Log Horizon.

After 5 long years of season 2 being released, season 3 was finally announced for the fans. The news itself was quite exciting and also great for all the fans around.



Though there haven’t been any particular reports about this particular launch date, Season 3 of Log Horizon will be released in October 2020.

With innumerable gamers, the MMORPG Elder Tale is currently acclaimed all around the globe, by its 11th expansion bundle. Notwithstanding, during the extension bundle: Homesteading the arrival of the Noosphere the previously mentioned occasions happen and the gamers are pulled into the game.