Who is Spike Spiegel?Get all the information you want to know about this anime character in this article.

Anime world has dwelled many interesting characters being liked by many targeted viewers. Being created by some curious mind it seems that personifying of anime character have reached next level.

Today we have many anime characters widely manifested across the globe. Anime has become a powerful tool in representing some curious and unique imagination.

Although being a virtual world it has its own aura of life within it. Japanese and Chinese are taking the lead in creating such an amazing virtual world.

One such Japanese series named Cowboy Bebop was quite popular. Its first episode was released on 3 april,1998. It was animated by sunrise studio. It was based on science fiction. One of the lead character of the series was Spike Spiegel.
The character had its own personified origin and an interesting role in the series being former member of the red dragon crime syndicate.

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Appearance of the character is quite tall and lean with dark green hair and brown eyes. One of his eyes was found to be artificial and light during the progress of the series in season 6. His dressing style is quite descent with blue leisure suit and lupin3 inspired boots.

He occasionally found in a long brown trench coat and often with cigarette. And the scenes of his smoking always shows his personality of violating rules as often there would be a no smoking sign around him. His personality is reflected being slothful, nonchalant, and lazy.

In the series he spends most of the time in bebop lounging by watching tv which truly anticipates him being lazy.
Though being lazy he had some quite interesting skill of martial arts which is quite contradicting. The character was equipped with unique and extraordinary abilities including powerful eyesight and observation capabilities, extraordinary luck, making use of sleight of hand technique to win crd games, pick pockets etc.

His love for Julia made him leave the syndicate and fake his death. Afterwards he became a bounty hunter and land up to being the partner of Jet black who was captain of bebop spaceship. Spike and jet pursued criminals across the solar system. While adventuring spike counters vicious , his rival from syndicate which boosts the enigmatic character transformation and series of interesting and playful events.