Netflix “Orange is the new black” Season 7 Ended!! Alex turned out to be the blessing for Piper!!

Orange is the new black has finally ended. The last episode was episode 13 from season 7. This episode heavily focuses on Piper. However, it does provide closure to the rest of the inmates introduced over the entire seven seasons.

The episode follows Piper visiting her home to find Zelda and Piper’s father in the kitchen. Zelda takes Piper to another room and informs that she is heading to Northampton. Zelda tells Piper that she wants her to tag along. But Piper tells Zelda that things around her getting more complicated. However, Piper assures Zelda that she will definitely give the offer a thought.

Image: Netflix

After having a little chat with Piper, Zelda leaves. With Piper and her father alone in the house. Mr. Chapman makes an attempt to talk sense into Piper by asking if Alex still sparks joy inside her. He adds that if the spark of joy is lost it is all for the sake of good and asks her to let go of Alex.

After her conversation with her dad, Piper heads out to Litchfield to see Alex. But Alex has bad news for Piper. Alex tells Piper that she is being transferred to Ohio penitentiary and thinks that it is the best for everyone. Alex apologies to Piper for the detour they have taken and asks Piper to move on with her life. But Piper insists that her life with Alex was blessed and adds that Alex is her life. But Alex hangs up the receiver and leaves the visitation room as Piper breaks down.

Later Piper meets her ex-fiance Larry and tells him what happened. Larry reflects what he has been thinking about Alex and admits that he thinks Alex is a destructive piece of shit. But Larry thinks that it was indeed Alex that makes Piper something special.