Netflix: Ozark season 3!! The Dark and Dangerous story has even turn darker as Jason Bateman is no more in lead! Is Laura Linney going to take the charge?

Netflix has made an official announcement about season three of Ozark. Ozark is going to come back to Netflix as a 10-episode show for the third season. This news was actually and officially confirmed by one of the actors of Ozark, Jason Bateman, through a tweet. But a lot of people’s concerns are being heard on the internet about how dark the season 3 of Ozark is going to be.

Image: Netflix

Jason Bateman is not only the main attraction of Ozark he has also directed a few episodes and executive produces the show. So it only fits that he is the one who officially confirms the news.

When the series was announced initially, Jason Bateman said he is going to direct the first two, and last two episodes of the 10 episodes show as it will get harder for him direct and act in the episodes. He added that his original intention was to turn a 600-page movie into a Netflix series.

Speaking about the project, Jason Bateman said the Ozark is going to be a dark and dangerous show that revolves around a money launderer.

To hear that Jason Bateman is going to be back for season three of Ozark and the cast is not going to change, people along with the cast were quite happy to hear about it. Co-star Laura Linney said that Ozark is Jason’s show and that everyone is very lucky to be a part of it. She added that Jason Bateman is a wonderful director, and the episodes he directed were toned very beautifully.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner of Ozark Chris Mundy said that they had a talk of Ozark being split into 5 seasons. He said that they are still discussing the matter and that 4 and 7 are also a potential number of seasons.