Michael Strahan’s Ex-wife wants to MODIFY Divorce Settlement!


Michael Strahan’s ex-wife seems to have been unsatisfied with the maintenance she has been getting from him as a divorce settlement and brought in suits for modifying the Divorce settlement. Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean Strahan had settled in with the divorce from the NFL high for $15.3 million and $18000 per month child support for their two daughters.Michael Strahan's Ex-wife wants to MODIFY Divorce Settlement! 7 Michael and Jean had got married in the year 1999, but they split up in 2006, and their divorce was a nasty one. Their proceedings for the divorce dragged on for months, and the Judge eventually awarded Jean with a sum of $15.3 million and $18,000 per month as the child allowance to be paid by Michael to Jean every month.

However, for now, according to some sources, there is news that Michael Strahan has not fulfilled the obligations as per the settlement in 2009. However, there is the fact that the suit that has been recently brought up by Jean is not for those unpaid supports, it is for the modification of the settlement, and the main motive is to increase the monthly payments.Michael Strahan's Ex-wife wants to MODIFY Divorce Settlement! 8 The same suit was also brought up by Jean in North Carolina last year where she presently lives with her girls, but since there has been no decision yet in the State, she brought up the suit again. The hearing was held, and the next date for the conference has been set in October. Michael was seen outside the Court, but there has been no word yet by them both regarding their case.Michael Strahan's Ex-wife wants to MODIFY Divorce Settlement! 9 Jean now wants more child support for the girls who are almost 15 years old now. According to her Facebook profile, Jean and the girls live in Wilmington, North Carolina, and she is the President/Domestic Engineer at The Strahan Family INC. Michael, after his lucrative Hall of Fame career in the NFL, is now hosting “Good Morning America” and two other shows on ABC.