“30th Birthday Celebration!”: Bebe Rexha, “Acts Juvenille” in a video.


The star, Bebe Rexha recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and at this point also a video of hers came up where she is acting very juvenile. She knows what she does and how to fly in her style even if the technique takes the era back into the year of 1999. "30th Birthday Celebration!": Bebe Rexha, "Acts Juvenille" in a video. 7She was flying in an airplane and was backing up to the 90’s classic “Back That AZZ Up,” and it seems like the pilots were the ones who enjoyed the moment at their most. While uploading the video on Instagram, she added a caption with the post saying, “In case of emergency please back that ass up.” 

Apart from her fans and followers, her famous friends too loved it. They could not contain their excitement. The Chain-smokers start Alex Pall commented on the post that she is a legend with hahaha and the Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo also filled up the comment with many laughing emojis. "30th Birthday Celebration!": Bebe Rexha, "Acts Juvenille" in a video. 8Bebe Rexha has been lighting up her gram. She has been doing it with the help of images and videos with herself embracing her body and personality. She even shared a racy bathroom picture of her birthday. She embraced her figure with the caption that this is what 30 looks like and her #Birthdaysuit Self-love. She loved herself and her body and did not at all regret the way she is."30th Birthday Celebration!": Bebe Rexha, "Acts Juvenille" in a video. 9 She also hit up to the 2019 Cosmopolitan UK issue, smiling and utilizing a handbra. The fact is; lately, she has been very open about the state of the women in the music industry. She told me that she had a MALE music executive said to her that she is getting too old, and she is now confusing up her brand. She is a music songwriter and is posting sexy pictures on Instagram, which is not what the female songwriters are expected to do.

She is one of the fan favorites because she is open and honest with her fans, but the twerking videos help a little too.