“Maude” star Bill Macy passed away at the age of 97 and the world is mourning over his death!!

Bill Macy is someone whose hangdog expression has become a perfect match for his famous role as a husband and as a long-suffering foil all the way to be the unyielding feminist of the 1970s daring sitcom “Maude” by Bea Arthur. It is sad news that the world has to say goodbye to him at the age of 97.

2019 has seen many legends passing away, and Bill Macy has joined the list of late notable celebrities. Bill Macy, 97-years-old, has passed away on the night of Thursday in Los Angeles as per what his friend Matt Beckoff has officially said in a sentence on Friday. Further details about the cause of the death were still not revealed currently.

Image: Associated Press

Bill Macy has made many guest appearances in series that include “How I Met Your Mother”, “ER”, and “Seinfeld”.

Bill Macy’s highest point in his career as a long stage, TV Career, and film was between 1972-78 when his role as Walter Findlay on the CBS sitcoms was premiered.

“Maude” was considered as a spinoff for the landmark sitcom “All in the Family” from the famous producers Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear.

During an interview for the TV academy foundation’s archive in the year 1988, Norman Lear explained that casting Bill Macy as Maude Findlay’s spouse in the series was absolutely based on his work in an off-Broadway play. In this play, Bill Macy has a character who has a prolonged scene of getting choked to death due to a chicken bone. Norman Lear said that Bill Macy’s performance in that particular play was “tour de force”.

On 18th May 1922, Bill Macy was born as Wolf Garber to Mollie and Michael Garber, Massachusetts. Before appearing in “Maude”, Bill Macy had a long and resulting career in film and theater performances.