“Looking for Alaska” season 1 released on Hulu! Season 2 expectation high! Will the director be able to meet the expectation of the users?? Checkout for more details!

You never want something to stop abruptly, especially if it is a show. Unfortunately, many shown have stopped without a conclusion right in the first season.

“Looking For Alaska” has preceded all of the audience expectations and is one of the shows that the audience is constantly and patiently waiting for. The question of season 2 of “Looking for Alaska” is frequently raised.

Looking For Alaska is a series that follows the novel written by John Green, which has the same title as the series. John Green is best for the novels “Paper Towns” and “The Fault in our Stars.”

According to the novel version, the story follows Miles Pudge Halter as he goes on with his life and taste friendship as well as trauma and a bunch of pranks as he continues his study at an Alabama boarding school.

Though the novel was short on these difficulties, the series has dug deep enough to show the bond formed between a group of teen boys and the troubles they get into and how they end up facing a brutal tragedy.

Starring Charlie Plummer and Kristine Froseth, Hulu has released all the eight episodes of season 1 of “Looking for Alaska” (2005).

The novel had a pretty solid conclusion when compared to the show. Well, we can never expect anything from Hulu, and we can surely agree that Hulu has a history of keeping the story of series well going and take it beyond the original conclusion.

John Green, who had a big hand in producing the series, revealed that he is not much into the idea of continuing the series. During an interview for the 2018 Reddit AMA, when John Green was asked about season 2 replied that he would not be very interested in participating and that it is very unlikely to happen.