Kylie Jenner office tour video turn musical when Stormi woke up at “rise and shine”by mom Kylie !!

There is nothing a person can not do once he or she is determined to do it. Be it in business, investment, or well singing.

While Kylie Jenner was giving a film tour of her Kylie’s Cosmetics Office, she went up to her daughter, Stormi’s room to wake her up and as per what the world has to say led to up a delightful chain of events.

At this point, Kylie Jenner tells the camera that she is going to wake up her daughter and following that she quietly enters her room. As she enters the room, she turns on the lights and launches herself into a melodious and glorious three words song, “Rise and Shine”.

This was specifically not the first time that Kylie Jenner was seen signing, she was, in fact, spotted many times do this on her social media channels. But her morning call for her daughter to wake up is the best of her vocals up to date.

This clip of Kylie Jenner singing with a good pitch right from the start has taken Twitter and other social media platforms by storm and no doubt that the video is going to be the most viral on Twitter of the week.

Twitter has a lot of opinions and thoughts about Kylie Jenner singing for her daughter early in the morning. Some of them called Kylie Jenner a vocalist and few others tried to figure out how to make her wake up call as their alarm tune.

It was not fans that have approved and praised Kylie Jenner for her singing skills, even pop Princess Ariana Grande has a lot to praise and even posed a question to ask her if it is fine if she sampled the clip.