Love is brewing between Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell. Check out for details..!!

Lily Jane Collins is an English  American actress, model, and writer. She is the daughter of English musician Phil Collins. Her first screen role was at the age of two in the BBC series, Growing Pains. She has played the role of a protagonist in the films such as sci-fi action – horror film Priest. Besides being an actress, Collins is also a published author. In 2008, she won Young Hollywood Award for Newest Red Carpet Correspondent. Collin stated in 2013 that she does not like to discuss the interest in her relationship publicly.

Charlie McDowell is an American film director and writer. He is mostly known for his film, The One I Love. McDowell was born in Los Angeles. In March 2017, filmmaker McDowell undeclared that he would be adapting author DeLillo’s novel, Zero K. Lily Collins is dating Charlie McDowell. Collin confirmed her relationship with Charlie. She uploaded a pic of hers as well.
In the pic, it was seen, that she was leaning on Dowell. She posted the image on Instagram. The actress was wearing a black coat and Dowell’s face was not there in the snap. He was just seen wearing denim. She has tagged him (Charli McDowell) in the pic.
She was also spotted walking arm in arm with Charlie in Los Angeles. Charlie has split with Emilia in February. Both of them have famous parents – Lily’s dad is musician Phil Collin, while Charlie is the son of actor, Malcolm McDowell.
In another post, she had shared a photo of shadows in which two people were kissing each other. She captioned it that it was her best birthday. After a few hours, Charlie posted the same image, hinting that the other person was Charlie. Well, nobody has any idea that how long this relationship would last. Charlie has dated several American actresses before this.