RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is set to kickstart! All the Queens revealed.

RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants unveiled for the first-ever UK series.

The contestants aka Queens for the RuPaul’s Drag Race have been revealed. The UK series which will air its first season this year is a reality competition show based on the American reality show by the same name.

Like the American version, RuPaul will play the essential roles of both- a host and head judge, supported by Michelle Visage, Alan Carr and Graham Norton as fellow judges in the UK version. The series that is scheduled to stream in October unveiled all of its ten contestants a few hours ago. The queens are set for their first official appearance together at Manchester Pride on August 24.

RuPaul will be the host & head judge in the UK version of Drag Race as well.

Sneak peek into the list:

Speaking about the UK series, the host & head judge said that each of the UK queens is very unique, courageous and special. He cannot wait for the UK and the world to fall in love with them the way he has.

The show that will air an episode of 60 minutes has the 10 astounding artists battling it out at the BBC reality series. They have been selected from a broad spectrum of fields ranging from comedy to singers to the ones who make it impossible to tear your eyes away from them.


  • Baga Chipz

First on the list is the 29-year-old London resident who says that she’s been doing drag for past the 10 years now, it keeps the roof on her head and keeps her in clean knickers.

  • Vinegar Strokes

She’s the 35-year-old contestant from London who attributes the origin of her drag name to her best friend who replied ‘Vinegar Tits’ to her picture and Tits was later modified into Strokes by Vinegar.

  • The Vivienne

The 27-year-old Liverpool resident is third in the list who describes comedy as her trump card and describes her style as that of a scouse wife who moved to LA after getting money but had to return to Liverpool after having blown away all her money.

  • Blu Hydrangea

The 23-year-old artist is from Belfast who got her drag name from the Blu Hydrangea bush in her garden.

  • Cheryl Hole

Cheryl is 25-years-old from Essex. Her style of drag is Essex glamour with a touch of a showgirl. She is known for her dance moves.

  • Sum Ting Wong

Sum Ting Wong, 30, is from Birmingham. Her drag comes from singing. Calling the drag as the best job, she explains that she put on weight so she could perform and sing.

  • Gothy Kendoll

The 21-year-old Leister beauty describes her drag as dark, contemporary, striking and unique. She credits her name for paving a way out to bring those darker elements, especially, when it will come to wigs and makeup.

  • Scaredy Kat

The queen who describes her style to be very pink, very cute and very Felliniesque, is a 20-year-old from Wiltshire. She has done much of her drag alone in the comfort of her home but now she wishes to be on the stage in front of millions of people. She calls her great strength her fear for everything.

  • Crystal

Another joining from London is the 34-year-old, Crystal whose greatest strength is her creative mind. She loves to approach a concept and come up with a look, story, and figure a way to execute things on stage in an exciting manner. She hopes to surprise the viewers, and enlighten them about drag not being confined to a single gender or way.

  • Davina De Campo

Our final artist is the 35-year-old, Owen Farrow from West Yorkshire who believes her uniqueness is her ridiculous laugh. She has taken a long time to develop her skill set which is an amalgamation of some comedy, dancing, and singing. She has a ‘bit of everything’ for everybody.

It is a very interesting line-up. The American version has been continuing to entertain all its viewers globally for many years. It’ll be interesting to see if the UK version will repeat history or not. Stay tuned for further updates.