The Simpsons satirizes President Donald Trump in its latest musical short..

The Simpsons have come up with a musical short which will definitely not be music to Trump’s ears. The Simpsons have again come up to satirizing Trump. This time, they are targeting the US President for his recent statement against the four Democratic congresswomen- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaibbefore.

In the musical number, breaking into a spoof of “America” from West Wide Story Trump says something about the Democratic congresswomen while staring at their picture. Trump says: So many problems, tariffs — I need a distraction.
The American President goes on to sing as the picture comes to life. He sings:
“They shouldn’t be in America
No one but me in America
No taxes for me in America
This is my natural hair-ica,”


The musical short also points towards Trump’s recent decision by Israel to ban Omar and Talib from visiting the country. And in response, Trump also hums:
“You two will never see Tel Aviv,
Your love life makes us heave.”

These four congresswomen are also known as the Squad. In the short, the ladies sing,
“You’re Boris Johnson without the class
Can’t wait to see you behind prison glass
Your nose is right up Putin’s ass
We say it’s time to impeach you fast,”

The four of them chase Trump outside where he has to counter a queue of Democratic candidates who literally wear him down through the chorus line.

Trump has been mocked earlier in other previous installments of The Simpsons. In one of them, he had himself called a liar while in another he was shown trying to bribe Robert Mueller.