“Life after death!”: Talinda Bennington engaged to Micheal F.


‘A death of a soulmate does not mean the death of you.’

-Talinda Bennington

The widow of former frontman singer Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Talinda Bennington announced that she is engaged with Michel F. Before the singer took his own life in 2017, she was happily married to him. They had been together for over 11 years, and the tragedy took him away from her. He had committed suicide and died. She had shared the happy news of her engagement on her social media accounts of Twitter and Instagram. She said that she was overjoyed to find her angel on earth. The name of her new Fiancé is Michael F.

She further told that one could find love even after a tragedy. The life of the partner ends, but yours does not. You have to take your life and be keen to face the world. Her friends, family, and Linkin welcome the new member of her life with fully open arms and she would love to cherish her life further with him and would make sure that Chester’s passing would not be spent in vain.

After her husband’s death, she got trauma and got mental health issues. She had three children with Chester, and now she is a mental health campaigner following her husband’s death. She thanked all the people for their love and support for her life. The co-founder of Chester BenningtonLinkin Park, congratulated her for her engagement.

On July 20, 2017, her former husband, Bennington, 41 was found dead in his Los Angeles home. It was later no ruled that he had taken his own life. Before his death, the Grammy Award-winning musician had battled with depression and substance abuse. After his death, Linkin Park had gone into an indefinite Hiatus following Bennington’s death.