Is Katy Perry ready to be a mother? Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom already planning to have kids!!

After a series of on and off in their relationship, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are finally engaged. According to sources, after almost 7 months of their engagement, Katy and Bloom are already planning to have kids.

What is Orlando’s say on having kids in the future?

Their marriage is all set to take place next year. Orlando already has an 8-year old son with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, and now he is looking forward to having kids with his new love, Katy Perry. In an Interview, Orlando said that Katy loves kids and she is also good with them. He said that they are shooting for having a baby. He said if they can get along with it, then it would be an amazing life for them ahead. There are also rumors that their wedding to be held in Disneyland. The ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ actor also revealed that Katy loves Disneyland and it may be their wedding destination.

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Orlando Bloom relationship with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr:

Orlando and his ex-wife share pretty much a give and take relationship. He said that ever since their split up the duo has been in continuous contact. Orlando and Miranda have a son named Flynn. The ‘Carnival Row’ star also said in an interview with Howard Stern that Miranda would continue to be a part of his life as they have a son. Miranda is currently married to the CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegal. Katy and Orlando have set so many relationship goals for all the fans. From the fans’ point of view, it will be interesting to see how the new couple Katy and Orlando their relationship. The fans will hope that they get married soon.