‘IT: Chapter 2’ has a surprise for its fans; Stephen King is in the movie!

Stephen King has made an appearance in the movie as a bonus for all the fans.

IT: Chapter 2 is out in the theatres and already creating a huge buzz. Apart from the praises for the movie, it’s being talked for the cameo appearance of Stephen King in the conclusion of Andy Muschietti’s two-part adaptation of the King’s novel.

It’s not the first time that acclaimed horror novelist has made a cinematic appearance, but his presence in this movie has added an emotional appeal for all the fans who have been a follower of both literary and cinematic forms. And his presence in the movie isn’t inessential, to be used as a tool to make fans happy, his character forms a bright and happy chunk of the movie.


Stephen King’s cameo occurs mid-way as the owner of an antique store who has Bill Denbrough’s childhood bicycle in his store. Upon his return to fulfill Losers’ oath, Bill spots his bike while exploring Derry. The proprietor, King Stephen himself, gauging the interest and wealth of the man wanting his rusting bike back, sells it to him at an exorbitant amount of $300.

As self-inflicted humor, King’s character refuses to get Bill’s novel autographed by him saying that the ending was terrible. A gag is created throughout the movie where Bill who has become a successful writer in the second part, is called out for never writing a good/happy ending. This is an addition from the writer’s real-life where he has often been criticized for not writing a happy ending.

The director, Andy Muschietti has given another reason to fans to catch the movie at the theatres near them. The movie has been released in theatres on September 6, 2019.