Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara are dating? Rumor or Truth. Revealed Here!

The news that Kwon Nara and Lee Jong Suk are dating has shaken the world. It is noticeable that this news has been going around lately. These rumors first surfaced on to the internet on August 1 by a report from Newsis that said that Lee Jong Suk met Kwon Nara back when she was in her kpop group, Hello Venus. The report claimed that the two had developed a romantic relationship since then.

According to an insider, Lee Jong Suk has invited Kwon Nara to join his newly established management company, A-MAN Project, after Hello Venus disbanded back in May. The insider also concluded that Lee Jong Suk had invested a lot of time and effort in Kwon Nara’s career. Lee Jong Suk is also the founder of the management company, A-MAN Project.

The report also claimed that Lee Jong Suk had been spotted out on numerous dates and it is well known that Kwon Nara is often seen in Lee Jong Suk’s cafe, 89 Mansion.

These rumors of Lee Jong Suk dating a former singer has angered his fans who would go to extreme lengths to support Lee Jong Suk. But the A-MAN Project company has found its way to calm down the angered fans. After coming across these dating rumors the management of the company, who represent both Kwon Nara and Lee Jong Suk, said that the report released earlier was false in terms of their relationship. The management even added that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara have a senior-junior relationship and nothing else.

Kwon Nara, 28, since the disbandment of her group has put all her focus on her acting skills, and it is visible how refined she became. She recently acted in a k-drama, Doctor Stranger.

Lee Jong Suk, 29, had enlisted in the military in March 2019 and is expected to be relieved of his duties on January 2021. Lee Jong Suk has starred in a long list of popular k-dramas.