Thor 4 name Revelaed by Chris Hemsworth “Love and Thunder”? More Details you care about.

I don’t know whether thunder has struck your city or not but it will, soon. Thundergod Thor is on his way about to hit your nearby theatres. Last Week on 21st July our Thor ‘Chris Hemsworth’ tweeted announcing the return of Thor 4. With the title ‘Love and Thunder.’ The storyline of the movie is the same as that of an existing comic’s(The Mightly Thor) storyline. The film is going to hit the theatres on 5th November 2021.

All we know about the cast and crew:

This movie is the fourth movie of the Thor franchise. This director of the film is Taika Waititi. He is also the director of Thor Ragnarok.
Another important fact is the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. Natalie is part of Thor franchise since the first movie but was not present in Thor Ragnarok. The character of Natalie is of Jane Foster but with a female Thor twist.


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You can finally complete your MCU collection when you take home #AvengersEndgame on Digital today. #WeLoveYou3000

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Thor’s movie is unimaginable without Chris Hemsworth. So our hero is back but with a lot of suspense. There is a lot of argument about the character of Thor. After the appearance of Fat Thor In Avengers Endgame, therefore it would be interesting to see how Chris returns.

Facts and assumptions

With Thor 4 the Marvel Studios is moving to Fox Studios in Sydney. The production will start by March 2020.


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Asgardians of the Galaxy . . . An entire universe. Once and for all. @Avengers: #InfinityWar in theaters April 27th.

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The Australian minister said that Marvel Studios and Australia have a very good ongoing bond. This marvel project would create 2500 jobs and invest $178 million in the Australian economy.

Now moving onto assumptions, the biggest one is that Thor might not be worthy of his powers. So Jane Foster will acquire his power and hammer, although there is no certainty about it.