Kristen Stewart Reportedly Casting the Lead Role for Her Directorial Debut, ‘The Chronology of Water’

Stewart admits that she wanted to star as the lead once

Kristen Stewart has officially began looking for actors in her directorial debut, The Chronology of Water. The movie will be based on Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir by the same name. Kristen Stewart spoke about her plans in the upcoming episode of the “Variety Awards Circuit Podcast.”

About the project, she said that they had been busy arranging everything for a long time. In fact, some of the things have taken over a decade, but she started speaking about it before it got really relevant. However, it’s relevant now and she’s so stoked about it. They are now busy finding their Lidia Yuknavitch.

The story

Still from Personal Shopper/ cover of the novel
Artcam Films/©Lidia Yuknavitch

Released in 2010, The Chronology of Water is a memoir on the life of a swimmer-turned-artist. Yuknavitch takes the reader through a journey of gender, sexuality, violence, and how the woman’s family reacted to her career change.

Yuknavitch tells her story convincingly, and makes the readers understand the extreme grief she endured as a young woman with a developing sexuality. She realized that she felt attracted to both men and women, and how she battled addiction and self-harm at the time she became a writer. But persevering through all that brought her to love and motherhood.

Will she star in it?

Stewart in Spencer
Filmnation Entertainment

Stewart added that she will take this week to find anyone who wants to invest in the movie. The budget will be minimal, since it’s a really small movie. Stewart admitted that she wanted to star in the lead role when she was younger.

When asked if she wanted to star in any other role in the movie, Stewart said that there’s actually no part for her. She said that she may play Lydia’s sister, depending on who they cast as Lydia, but she doesn’t have a lot of hope in it.

In other news, Stewart is a contender for the Best Actress at the Oscars for her performance as Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer.