Khloe Kadarshian reveals about how Tristan tried to kiss her at their daughter’s birthday party. Check out for more details..

There was a public event in which, Khloe and Tristan ended up being in the same room. They were planning True’s first birthday party. She opened up about that night, according to her, the two shared a moment. Khloe was not ready for the same. Tristan was the one who initiated it.
Khloe invited Tristan to reduce the awkwardness between them. She did not want an awkward situation, before True’s birthday. After True feel asleep, Tristan and Khloe decided to have a drink together. After that, as Khloe narrated, Tristan tried to kiss her. Khloe did not want to kiss him back.
Tristan then arrived at the True’s birthday party. Tristan, True and Khloe got a picture clicked, along with other guests. She met Tristan only for their daughter’s sake. She did not want her daughter’s birthday to be celebrated without her father. Hence, she decided to invite him
They made efforts to stabilize their relationship, but nothing worked. After several unsuccessful attempts to improve their relationship, Khloe decided that she would not invite Tristan to the party. Her mom Kris Jenner suggested her to be big at heart. It was the main reason, why Khloe invited Tristan to the party. Well, what Tristan did is not acceptable in any way.