Britney Spears’ psychiatrist dies all of a sudden, just weeks before of her conservatorship report

Britney Spears’ psychologist, Dr. Timothy Benson, died suddenly on August 24, 2019. He died in Santa Monica, CA. The cause of death of the 48-year-old psychiatrist has not been disclosed yet but it is being presumed that he died of an aneurysm- enlargement of an artery that can be caused by a weak artery wall.

Dr. Timothy Benson was responsible for treating Britney Spears’ mental health. He had died just weeks before a report on Spear’s conservatorship was to be presented before the judge. The report will focus on whether Britney is receiving proper treatment or not.

Britney Spears' psychiatrist dies all of a sudden, just weeks before of her conservatorship report 1
Credits: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The judge will receive a report in the next 10 days. The reported will be submitted by a court-appointed evaluator who has spent more than 3 months determining whether the treatment is going correctly or not.

The evaluation came after questions were raised over Britney entering a mental health facility. Jamie’s sources said that the medication on which Britney had been had lost its efficiency and doctors are still trying to find a new combination of medication to help Britney. Everyone was shocked by this recent development with Britney as she was ready to move ahead with a new show.

Dr. Benson had expertise in psychiatry and worked with NBA and NFL teams inspiring athletes to achieve success. Dr. Timothy was a board-certified psychiatrist.

Jamie, Britney’s father has asked the judge to excuse him from the conservatorship duties till January. He has asked his manager, Jodi Montgomery to handle the case until then.
Jamie gives the reason of not feeling well for passing the duties to the manager but the issue is something different. He is not allowed to have any contact from Britney’s children after having his hands on 13-year old Sean. A police report has been filed and the cops are investigating the matter.