Jessica Love Hewitt is stronger then ever!! She returns to Hollywood’s small screen with Fox’s 9-1-1 and her presence on the show is already benefiting it?

Jennifer Love Hewitt left Hollywood probably for her good’s sake because when she returned back, she was stronger than ever before. Jennifer Love Hewitt has made her latest return to the film industry this September with the help of the second season of 9-1-1 on Fox.

Since Connie Britton left the show after shooting the first season of the show, Ryan Murphy brought in Jennifer Love Hewitt to replace the empty slot of the hit medical drama. The mega-producer of 9-1-1 teased the TV vet’s return in a big way.

Image: Wire Images

Ryan Murphy, at the Fox Upfront presentation back in May, told the advertisers that he would be bringing some new faces to the show for the second season, and one of the new faces is going to the incredible Jennifer Love Hewitt. He added that everyone loves her, but it has been a very long time since the audience has seen her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was first introduced to the audience in the year 2015 from the show “Criminal Minds” and was not seen ever since the finale of the show.

Now looking at the figures seems like casting Jennifer Love Hewitt was paid off as the opener of the second season saw high ratings and 2.2 ratings.

While the massive number of show audience and the good ratings can not be entirely contributed to the role of Jennifer Love Hewitt, her return just became a piece of evidence that Love Hewitt has an everlasting public appeal ever since her introduction in 1995.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s journey started as a teen drama queen, and her return as Sarah Reeves on Fox’s “Party of Five” has made her a popular household name.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has turned 40 on 21st February and has made many comebacks to the small screen throughout her career. However, whenever Jennifer Love Hewitt returned back to the small screen, she always made headlines.