Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock Once Dated the Same Man?

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have an ex-boyfriend in common. Both the actresses opened up about their dating history in an interview, particularly one man. Tate Donovan both dated Jennifer and Sandra in the ’90s. Both of them were totally at ease while reminiscing about the man they dated. Bullock referred to Donovan as “their boyfriend” and said that he was a patient human being because he dated both of them.

The history between the three actors

Aniston said that Donovan had a type. And what was the type? “Talented. Funny. Kind. Introspective. Generous,” said Bullock. Tate Donovan and Sandra Bullock dated from 1990 to 1994 after they met on the set of the movie Love Potion No. 9.

Shortly after that Jennifer Aniston dated Donovan from 1995 to 1998. After their relationship ended Donovan was called for guest-role on the hit sitcom Friends. He played the role of personal shopping client, Joshua, of Aniston’s character Rachel. The characters then end up being in a relationship.

Donovan stated to Us Weekly that it was “painful” for him to act opposite Aniston after their break-up. His character was present only for six episodes.

How is Jennifer so nice to everyone?

Bullock asked Aniston in the interview about what keeps her so positive and joyful in every sphere of her life. She replied that she acquired her cheerful and buoyant personality because of her destabilized childhood. She generally saw people being mean and unkind to each other.

She vowed to never be like that and also to never let anyone feel like what she had felt at home. And that is the reason why she is always very kind to people who are around her and make them feel as good as possible. She said that her experience of her childhood is the one which she never wants to experience again.