Edge of Tomorrow 2 Finally Out of its Time Loop?

Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

We see Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow being stuck in a time loop and endlessly repeat the same day, the sequel to this film seems to be caught in its own endless time loop. No pun intended!

It looks like as though things were finally moving on the long-awaited sequel when Matthew Robinson made the writer back in March 2019. But subsequently, on that year, director Doug Liman announced that he has “no idea” if the movie is actually going to be made.

Source: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2452749/whats-happening-with-edge-of-tomorrow-2-according-to-doug-liman

In an interview with Collider, Doug Liman said that Tom Cruise’s, Emily Blunt’s and his schedule do not match and him certainly in keener on his TV show, Impulse. If the sequel does get to see the day of light, we can expect from the long-pending sequel, set to be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat.

Writer Christopher McQuarrie, back in September 2018 responded to a fan’s question on Twitter about the status of Live Die Repeat and Repeat. “We’re working on it. No idea how or when it will happen,” he replied.

And then the next update came in March 2019 as we noted above. Even though the genuine thought for the sequel might have changed, Robinson will be developing the script with director Doug Liman.

Doug Liman verified in October 2019 that the script was almost ready, adding that he hoped the sequel would film after Tom Cruise is done working on Mission Impossible 7 and Mission Impossible 8.

That means we can expect some wait still for Edge of Tomorrow 2 if it does see the light of, but the director is still working on the sequel though, revealing his planning stages on Instagram in early January 2020.