James Gunn seems busy with tons of projects right now: Suicide Squad 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 along with his secret project Brightburn 2.

The director has been busy with both Marvel and DC projects, and has managed to be a producer in an independent side project as well

Have you got to see 2019’s Brightburn yet? The movie had turned out surprisingly well, considering the low budget it had. It brought in a new completely different side to the horror-superhero genre.


We have had heroes working in close quarters with the supernatural, such as DC’s John Constantine, and Marvel’s Ghost Rider. But Brandon Breyer, aka Brightburn is a superhero with sociopathic tendencies and begins his reign of terror right from childhood.

A sequel? Possibly

The movie didn’t earn big bucks since it wasn’t associated with any major comic brands, but it was a refreshing watch nonetheless, and it would’ve performed better if people were more aware about it. This can be why that James Gunn didn’t say ‘no’ to doing a sequel to Brightburn. 


The first thing we can notice in Brightburn is Brandon’s shocking parallel’s with Superman. Alien spaceship crashes into a farm, childless parents discover a baby inside, hopes for social security to show up but nobody does, starts caring for the boy as if he was their own son, and later finds out that the kid has superhuman strength and other abilities.


The different comes in the core behaviour. Superman is arguably one of the most kindest heroes out there, and that is all thanks to the parenting done by the Kents. Brandon got similarly nice parents but he becomes a stone cold killer and murdered everyone including his adoptive parents.


Gunn is definitely interested in the project, but said in an Instagram post that he’s busy with Suicide Squad 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and he will need to finish that to focus on this. Hopefully by then, Brightburn will be getting a bigger audience.

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